Planning and Licensing Committee - Tuesday 16th July 2024 6.30 pm

Venue: Guildhall

No. Item


Health and Safety Announcements.




Declarations of Interest:

a.  To receive any declarations from Members of any registerable (5A of the Code of Conduct) and/or non-registerable (5B) interests in matters to be considered at this meeting.


b.  The Town Clerk to receive written requests for dispensations prior to the start of the meeting for consideration.



Public Questions - A 15-minute period when members of the public may speak about a planning application.


Please note: Any member of the public requiring to speak about a planning application should register by email no later than 12 noon the day before the meeting where the application will be considered.


Members of the public are advised to review the Receiving Public Questions, Representations and Evidence at Meetings document prior to attending the meeting.


To receive and approve the minutes from the Planning and Licensing Committee held on Tuesday 18 June 2024 as a true and correct record. pdf icon PDF 213 KB


To consider Risk Management reports as may be received.



a.  To note that Councillor Lennox-Boyd will vote upon the information before her at the meeting but in the light of subsequent information received at Cornwall Council, Councillor Lennox-Boyd may vote differently at that meeting.


b.  To note that if Councillor Lennox-Boyd wishes to recommend opposite to the Town Council’s view she will contact the Town Council by email. Considering time constraints, the Town Council will then hold an online poll of Councillors to determine whether to accept the Officer’s view or to ask for the application to be called into committee. The results of these polls will be read into the record at the next Town Council meeting. Members of the public may request, via the Clerk, to be copied into any correspondence.


c.   Applications for consideration:




Paul and Susannah Melling – 39 Lower Port View St Stephens Saltash PL12 4BY

Dormer extension, including building over the existing garage.

Ward: Essa

Date received: 19/06/24

Response date: 19/07/24




Mr & Mrs A Stone – 29 Longmeadow Road Saltash PL12 6DP

Proposed alterations and roof conversions to dwelling.

Ward: Tamar

Date received: 26/06/24

Response date: 17/07/24




Mr & Mrs S Carew – Morhild North Park Villas Saltash PL12 6LP

Extension to dwelling.

Ward: Tamar

Date received: 02/07/24

Response date: 23/07/24




Mr Nathan Jones – 25 Callington Road Saltash PL12 6DU

Replacement detached garage.

Ward: Essa

Date received: 05/07/25

Response date: 26/07/24




Mr Jason Gibbs British Energetics – Spinnaker International Spinnaker House Latchbrook Parkway Industrial Estate Long Acre PL12 6LF

Proposed wildlife pond with associated re-contouring works and landscape enhancements.

Ward: Tamar

Date received: 09/07/24

Response date: 30/07/24







To receive Cornwall Council's consultation re Stopping up of a section of the highway at Treledan, Saltash and consider any actions. pdf icon PDF 1 MB

Additional documents:


To receive Cornwall Council's consultation re The Statement of Principles - Gambling Act 2005 and consider any actions. pdf icon PDF 1 MB


To receive Cornwall Council's consultation re The Draft Cornwall Housing Decarbonisation Strategy and consider any actions. pdf icon PDF 264 KB

Additional documents:


Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960:

To resolve that pursuant to Section 1(2) of the Public Bodies (Admission to meetings) Act 1960 the public and press leave the meeting because of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted.


To consider any items referred from the main part of the agenda.


Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960:

To resolve that the public and press be re-admitted to the meeting.


To confirm any press and social media releases associated with any agreed actions and expenditure of the meeting.