Agenda item

To receive a report from Cornwall Councillors


Councillor Worth gave a verbal update to Members.


Support for Energy Bills

Councillor Worth spoke of the mandatory scheme in which all band A-D properties will be given £150.00 Council Tax rebate towards their energy bills.


Councillor Worth confirmed there are 159,000 properties in Cornwall which pay their Council Tax by direct debit. Out of those 159,000 properties 139,000 were sent the £150.00 rebate last week.


Cornwall Council’s computer system raised questions on 20,000 properties of which 10,000 have now been resolved and will receive their rebate this week.


The remaining 10,000 properties which have been identified with concerns will be receiving a letter or email asking them for more information with the view to request further information via an online form.


If a property does not make payment for Council Tax via a Direct Debit but is still a taxpayer, they will also receive an email (if Cornwall Council has contact details) or a second class letter asking them to either fill in an online form or to contact Cornwall Council direct to provide payment details.


Cornwall Council aim to provide all Cornish residents who provide correct information with the mandatory rebate within the next 14 days.


Cornwall Council stated that by the 14th May 2022 all Cornish residents will either have received the rebate or will have been contacted for further information.


Councillor Worth emphasized that Cornwall Council will never call anyone and ask for their bank details on the telephone and requested all residents to be vigilant and aware of scams.


Discretionary Scheme

Councillor Worth spoke of the discretional scheme being provided by Cornwall Council. The aim is to have a website with further information available to residents up and running by 6th June 2022.


This scheme will be by application only, i.e. Cornwall Council will not be writing to residents or those eligible.


The scheme is to offer £150.00 grants to;


1.  Property in E to H where residents receive Council tax support

2.  Property in A to D if not liable to Council Tax and weekly earnings/pension below £450 and capital assets are below £6000.


Councillor Worth also confirmed that Cornwall Council are offering a further £20 grant to properties in bands A-D who are in receipt of Council Tax Support in addition to the £150.00 rebate.

Councillor Worth confirmed that Cornwall Council is the second fastest Council at getting this money out to those who use the Capita computer system, some Councils reporting that the mandatory rebate will not be paid to their residents until September.


Awarded Medals for the Queens Platinum Jubilee – Saltash Community Fire Station

Cornwall Councillor Lennox-Boyd wished to update Members on the recently awarded Queens Platinum Jubilee medals received by the Saltash Community Fire Station.


Crew members having served a minimum of 5 years qualified for the honour to receive a medal, which might never be repeated.


Nine crew Members received the award on Tuesday 3rd May 2022 with those nine crew Members having a combined service total of 198 years.


Councillor Lennox-Boyd wished to thank Saltash Community Fire Station on behalf of Saltash Town Council and Cornwall Council for their dedication for keeping the town safe.


Councillor Lennox-Boyd informed Members of a second presentation to be held next week at 7pm at the Community Fire Brigade should Members wish to attend.


It was RESOLVED to note.