Agenda item

To receive a request to commemorate the passing of our late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and consider any actions and associated expenditure.


The Chairman invited Mrs. Sue Hooper to speak in support of Agenda Item 9:


The whole world was in shock at the passing of The Late Queen Elizabeth ll – who passed away so suddenly just a few weeks ago – particularly when only a few months before, the UK, Realms and Commonwealth were celebrating Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee.


Virtually the whole of Saltash partook in the nation’s celebrations from all corners of the town – North, East, South and West and in the middle through the whole of Fore Street.


Thousands of local people were joyous – from individuals, community groups, charities, organisations, businesses, shops and public houses – flags bedecked all the streets – the atmosphere was ecstatic and Saltash celebrated so enthusiastically and unforgettably which has been well documented and recorded.


My request as a local resident and not as part of any local organisation or committee to everlastingly remember Her Late Majesty is sincere and taking into account the success of the Saltash Memorial Peace Garden and the community’s sincere love of this peaceful community space.


I believe this could be achievable and could include a free standing story board with a heading, photographs and script of when our late Monarch visited Saltash in 1949 (Princess Elizabeth) and 1962 (Queen Elizabeth ll) – and photos of when Saltash celebrated her Platinum Jubilee.


The Peace Garden hosts many memorial features including silent soldiers which have the Royal British Legion emblems engraved and of which our late Monarch was patron of the RBL – in keeping with the Legion’s royal patronage in 1971 during its 50th anniversary.


Our Late Queen as Head of State has placed a poppy wreath at the London Whitehall Cenotaph every year of her reign – together with many of the senior members of the royal family – and the senior uniformed royals saluted as the Queen’s coffin passed the war memorial.


Therefore, it is well documented the love and respect that the monarchy has for fallen, remembrance and memorials.


It is also a remarkable coincidence that the opening of the Peace Garden was on the 70th anniversary of the end of the second world war – and this request follows the 70th anniversary of our late Majesty’s reign!!







A statement at the opening of the Memorial Peace Garden on Sunday 22nd November 2015 read: “this memorial is not just about the past. It recognises the future and has an additional meaning as well as remembrance.


“It embraces a garden, dedicated to peace, where we can combine our sentiments of remembering with hopes and prayers for peace in the future.”


Here I rest my case Councillors and once again that this lovely Peace Garden so beautifully cared for by the Saltash Town Council’s Service Delivery Team is kindly renamed as ‘Queen Elizabeth ll Memorial Peace Garden’ – together with the idea of the story board in her honour.


Thank you very much indeed



The Chairman read Mr. John Brady’s email against Agenda Item 9:



Dear Chairman & Committee Members Services Committee,


I refer to Item 9 on your Agenda, and the request by Mrs. Sue Hooper asking you to support the renaming of the Memorial Peace Garden. The proposed name put forward is The Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Peace Garden. Though her reasoning is laudable, I would ask you seriously consider my and other person’s thoughts on this subject.


I took the Queen’s shilling when I joined the Navy in 1962 but, and this is very important, I did not join the Royal Navy because of the Queen, I joined because my oldest brother encouraged me to. I served for 23 years leaving October 1985.


During my Service time I met the Queen on 3 occasions, one of which was at a Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace in 1983.


I too was a founder member of the Peace Garden with Mrs. Hooper and with others, and our mission was to provide a space where people could rest and reflect away from the hurly-burly of life in peaceful surroundings.


This happened, and after the Silent Soldier unveiling 04/08/2018 (I was Mayor at the time) attention turned from a child’s idea using Pebbles to turn it into a Memorial Peace Garden.


This very act, in my view as well as others, turned the Peace Garden into a sacred place in memory of those from the 2 Great Wars, who gave of their lives, for our Country, family and friends.


Many of those, named in the Pebble Memorial were conscripted/mobilised and sent off to War. They received the King’s shilling.


They did not, I am sure, go off to War because of the King?


There is no doubt in anyone’s mind Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, was adored and loved by her people and always will be. Sadly, those named on our Memorials died in the Service of their Country before Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the throne.


Mrs. Hooper has not in her request letter mentioned how the various Committees involved with the Memorial Peace Garden have inputted to this request? I would suggest not.


The death of Queen Elizabeth II, has brought a surge in popularity for the Monarchy, but, and if you keep abreast of the news, there are many who would wish the Monarchy done away with, for many reasons?


Do Councillors really feel supporting this request is the right decision?


Mrs. Hooper in her request letter states the ‘Corporation’ are planning the planting of a tree in our late Queen’s name. What Corporation and where?


Would it not be more sensible and less sensitive to rename say Jubilee Green and Plant a tree/trees in her name there. After all the Platinum Jubilee organisers, including King Charles III as well as Her Late Majesty supported this project.


Saltash Town Council must not get involved in knee jerk reaction and must listen to the Public and not adopt headline seeking suggestions which look good for the Council but upset the community.


I trust you will read my letter at The Services Committee Meeting on 04/10/22 and if nothing else suspend any support until a proper conversation on this proposal has been undertaken.


Members discussed the proposal and the suggested location for a commemorative area with accompanying storyboard dedicated to our late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.



The Chairman thanked Mrs. Sue Hooper and Mr. John Brady for their contribution.











It was proposed by Councillor P Samuels, seconded by Councillor Gillies and RESOLVED:


1.  To not rename the Memorial Peace Garden at this stage;


2.  To investigate permission to use the term “Royal”, “Queen Elizabeth II, and or “Queen”;


3.  That Members submit locations to the Town Clerk and to consider consulting with the public at the next Services Committee meeting to be held on Thursday 13th October 2022.





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