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Property Maintenance Sub Committee

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Information about Property Maintenance Sub Committee

 Property Maintenance Sub Committee



Eight members


Chair and Vice Chair to be elected from the Members of the Sub Committee at the first meeting in each Town Council year. The serving Mayor will not be eligible for either of these positions.





As required





Reports to:

Services Committee


To oversee the repair, maintenance and security programmes for all Town Council assets.



Terms of Reference & Matters Delegated to the Committee:


Finance delegated authority:

Expenditure up to £20,000 on any separate occasion within the budget


  1. To oversee the repair and maintenance programmes for the following Town Council property:


·         The Guildhall

·         Library

·         Saltash Heritage building

·         Isambard House

·         Longstone depot

·         The Maurice Huggins Room

·         Pontoon and Cabin

·         Public toilets

·         Outdoor land and fences


  1. To ensure council accommodation requirements are met.


  1. To oversee procurement of property maintenance delivery.


  1. To review the Town Council five-year repair and maintenance plan together with the Services Committee budget statements.



Matters not delegated to the Sub Committee:


Any matter falling within the remit of the Sub Committee which involves the introduction of a new policy or changes to existing policy, future direction and strategy.


Terms of Reference last updated: August 2022