Committee details

Town Vision Sub Committee

Purpose of committee

Town Vision Sub Committee



The Committee membership comprises of a maximum of eight Saltash Town Council Councillors together with the Town Clerk and Administration Officer.

Executive input for the Committee is provided by the Town Clerk and administrative support is provided by the relevant Officers of the Town Council.


Chairman and Vice Chairman to be elected from the members of the Sub Committee at the first meeting in each Council Year.




The committee meets for a minimum of four times each financial year (April to March).


6.30 p.m.



Reports to:

The Committee reports directly to Full Town Council making strategic recommendations as required. 

Financial Matters

The Committee has delegated authority for expenditure up to £20,000. Any requests over this delegated authority of expenditure would require a recommendation to the Policy and Finance Committee for consideration.


The purpose of the Town Vision Sub Committee is to support the Town Clerk in leading the business planning process for Saltash Town Council and to oversee its effective implementation.


Terms of Reference & Matters Delegated to the Committee:

Finance delegated authority:

Expenditure up to £20,000 on any separate occasion within the budget.


The Town Vision Sub Committees intended Outcomes over the next three years are:

1.    A shared purpose through an agreed, overarching and unified business plan for Saltash Town Council.

2.    Increased engagement, understanding and support from Saltash residents on Saltash Town Council’s purpose, strategic priorities and activities.

3.    Increased success in securing investment to further the strategic priorities of Saltash Town Council.

4.    Effective governance and management for Saltash Town Council, clarifying roles and responsibilities, particularly the non-executive roles of the Town Clerk and staff team.

5.    A more collaborative, efficient and agile working culture avoiding fragmentation and duplication.

6.    Delegated authority to undertake an overarching monitoring role of the Business Plan on behalf of the Town Council reporting back as required.


The primary and initial output of the Town Vision Sub Committee will be:

1.    The production of a three year business plan for the period April 2024 to March 2027, encompassing:

·         Vision, Mission and Values

·         Strategic priorities and outcomes

·         Activity Plan

·         Communications Strategy

·         Governance, Management and Operations

·         Fundraising strategy

·         Budget forecasts


Matters not delegated to the Committee:

Any matter falling within the remit of the Committee which involves the introduction of a new policy or changes to existing policy, future direction and strategy.